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In-depth stock market knowledge

in one book


In this comprehensive guide, you will find all the important information about investing in stocks and ETFs.

It answers all your questions and is particularly aimed at readers who are interested in sustainable and long-term investing.

Get in-depth knowledge and benefit from the profits of the global economy.


Psychology for beginners:

Read people like a book

Don't you want to know what the other person really thinks and feels?

Do you want to detect and ward off manipulation before it's too late?

Then this book is just right for you!

In this guide, you will learn how you can decipher the most powerful manipulation techniques and protect yourself against them.

people read. Improve your knowledge of people, learn how to protect yourself from manipulation and become a strong personality

Psychology for Beginners:



Charming, a neat appearance and excellent communication skills. Who can?already resist. But often behind this flawless external appearance there is a nasty surprise. Pathological lies, a lack of compassion, and deceit are early signs that you may be dealing with a narcissist.


Learn from expert Elisa Korff, how you can protect yourself from manipulative communication and toxic relationships.


Learning techniques 

Achieve top marks 

The all-in-one guide for your personal success in school. Get to know the secret of the A-level candidates and explore the most ingenious learning techniques and learning methods!
Including career advice and everything you need for your personal success.
Learn learn

Ikigai – Philosophy of Happiness

In this self-discovery guide, you will learn to strengthen your self-esteem. You will bring your unique talents back to life to maximize your hidden potential. Personal development like you have never experienced before.

Immerse yourself in one of the most exciting Far Eastern philosophies and discover the secret of the centenarians.

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