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“Never start to stop. Never stop starting.” — Cicero​

I help people to develop their full potential and lead fulfilling lives. Discover my books, newsletters and blog articles on the topics of personal development, resilience and psychology.

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My story

Dear Reader,

I want to tell you a story – my story. I grew up in a small village in Lower Saxony and had to overcome numerous challenges at a young age. But I didn't give up. I completed my A-levels on the second educational path and eventually moved to Berlin to study economics with a focus on behavioral economics and econometrics. After completing my bachelor's and master's degree at the FernUniversität Hagen, I started my career in the start-up sector in Berlin.

The work was educational, but also involved numerous blows in the neck. I learned from every experience and eventually came into contact with medium-sized companies and large international corporations. Restructuring and turbulent times followed, but I realized that life is never linear. There are ups and downs, the principle of bipolarity is reflected in victories and defeats, health and illness, togetherness and loneliness. In Asia, bipolarity is subsumed under the symbol “Yin and Yang”.

My path to my publishing house

During this time, I became acquainted with the philosophy of stoicism and the Japanese art of living Ikigai. These teachings helped me find my personal happiness in life. So I founded my small publishing house, where I publish books on my personal experiences and interests. I focus on the topics of personal development, resilience and financial intelligence, which particularly inspire me. In the past, I have been supported by a team of talented freelance authors.

My books

As a self-publisher, I have full control over the entire publishing process of my books. I am responsible for the conception, writing, editing, design, and marketing of my works.

Authorship and collaboration

I occasionally work with talented freelance writers to expand the variety of topics my publishing house covers.

In any case, I always stand behind the quality and content of my published books.

My Leisure Time

In my leisure time, I am passionate about sports,

(Martial Arts, Tai Ji) and thoroughly enjoy reading books. I love animals and nature. You can often find me at the lake, in the forest or in the mountains. I think it's important to cultivate your interests outside of work and to make your life varied.

Life has many surprises in store, as I learned in February 2023 when my father passed away. Two weeks after I lost my job due to the worldwide tech layoffs. A challenging time. I learned that in difficult times, it is essential not to lose courage and to keep going. 

I am constantly striving to create new and valuable content for my readers. If you are interested in my books, feel free to browse my store, blog or subscribe to my newsletter.

Best regards,

Patrick Hohensee

Mind Power:
Unlocking Inner Strength with Marcus Aurelius 

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