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Dog Brain Games: Fun and training for your loyal companion


Dogs give us joy and make us laugh. But dogs also need a lot of training and attention. In this book, you will learn how to train your dog appropriately and teach him new tricks. A well-thought-out training program with clicker training, agility and brain games ensures that you will have a lot of fun together.

Dog training and brain games for dogs. Dog training for indoors and outdoors

Puppy training for beginners:

Tips and tricks for successful puppy training

In this book, you will receive valuable information about raising puppies and young dogs. Practical advice and a survival guide for the first few weeks as well as insights into dog psychology will help you better understand the behavior of your new four-legged friend. So you are well-prepared and can look forward to spending time with your new dog!


The clever 2-in-1 dog book: puppy training and brain games for a happy dog-human relationship!

In this guide, you will find all the important information about raising puppies and young dogs. The book also contains various games that help develop your dog's impulse control, agility, and intelligence. Both topics are compactly summarized in a practical guide.

Make sure you have a harmonious and active time with your dog with this book!

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