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Mindfulness: Your SUPERPOWER
Your path to the BEST YOU

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You can find out more information about the specific advantages the journal will provide you in the following Blog article.

You can find all the questions and answers on how to use the mindfulness diary optimally for yourself HERE.

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Short stories for mindfulness and contentment.

With gratitude and wisdom from Buddhism


This book contains inspiring short stories that keep the mystery, true Serenity and inner peace revealed.

Lucky Paw, a wise cat, accompanies you on your way to life in heartwarming stories of Self-discovery.

Every story carries with it universal wisdom of life,

How Gratitude, mindfulness, and self-love.

The lucky paw shows how to transform negative thoughts into positive energy transform and leave the stress of everyday life behind you.


These timeless teachings are of value and significance to every person, regardless of age or religion.

Ikigai: Personal development according to the philosophy of the centenarians

Ikigai is a Japanese concept that describes the “meaning of life” or “what is worth living for.” It's about discovering and pursuing your passions, talents, values, and goals.

Immerse yourself in one of the most fascinating Far Eastern philosophies and discover the secret of a fulfilled centenarian! Experience a new type of personal development.

Don't put off your happiness until tomorrow, and become the best version of yourself now!


Stoic strong:

Limitless resilience through stoicism

For centuries, Stoicism has taught us how to deal with negative events that are beyond our control. 

The key to a happy and fulfilling life lies in acceptance and calmness. With the wise teachings of Stoicism, more relevant today than ever before, you'll be able to see things from a new perspective.

Don't let anything shake you anymore!


Positive Psychology: Ikigai & Stoicism 

The masterclass in positive thinking

2-in-1 collection book

This compact guide combines the powerful concepts of Ikigai and Stoicism. Discover yourself, master tough challenges, and find out what really moves you forward in life.

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