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Psychology for beginners: 

Part 1: Read People like a book


Don't you want to know what the other person really thinks and feels?

Do you want to detect and ward off manipulation before it's too late?

Then this book is just right for you!

In this guide, you will learn how you can decipher the most powerful manipulation techniques and protect yourself against them.

People Reading Book: Learn all about the most sophisticated manipulation techniques and become a master at reading people

Psychology for Beginners Part 2: Narcissism


Charming, a neat appearance and excellent communication skills. Who can?already resist. But often behind this flawless external appearance there is a nasty surprise. Pathological lies, a lack of compassion, and deceit are early signs that you may be dealing with a narcissist.


Learn from expert Elisa Korff, how you can protect yourself from manipulative communication and toxic “psycho games”.


Read people like a book & Narcissism:

A compact 2-in-1 guide

This guide offers an in-depth insight into the human psyche. You will learn how to read people and how to protect and free yourself from toxic relationships. Get to know the most powerful manipulation techniques, recognize them early and defend yourself against them. After studying this guide, you will be able to read people like an open book. Nobody will be able to deceive you anymore, and you will be able to live a confident and happy life.

People Read: Learn all about narcissism and toxic relationships. How to protect yourself and become a master at reading people

Personal Development:

Mindset Mastery | 4-in-1 guide


This 4-in-1 guide complements the topic of Reading People & Narcissism, plus Ikigai and Stoicism.

It's a mix of Personal Development (Ikigai & Stoicism, i.e. internal self-developmentand protection from external influences (manipulation & narcissism).

It combines the millennia-old wisdom of philosophical scholars such as Seneca, Marcus Aurelius, Buddha, and Confucius.


Explore the best techniques for personal development and a strong life.

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